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Snowflix has developed an innovative solution for harnessing video content to dramatically improve communication with young people on the autistic spectrum and other cognitive disabilities.


Founded early 2021, following a successful participation in the prestigious Apple Seeds Accelerator Program, Snowflix goal is to enable personalized content, professional insights, communication channels and more for people with cognitive disabilities. 


The company focuses on viewers with Autism as its preliminary target audience and intends to expand its solution to meet additional needs. About 2% of the world’s population - 180 million people, has Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). Of these, about 30 million are between the ages of 6-21, and reside in high-awareness developed countries, where government support and professional treatment are widely available. 

Meet The Team

Yaron Genigar


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Ronen Shani


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Gilad Piker


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Gilad Ariav photo

Gilad Ariav


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Yael Schwarz Klein


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Advisory Board

Shahar Bar Yehuda

Autism Expert

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Yair Peled photot

Yair Peled

Strategic Advisor

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Maya Fudim photo

Maya Fudim

Data Scientist

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Daniel recanati photo

Daniel Recanati

Business Development

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Nimrod May


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